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Levels and Exams

We cater to the necessities of every student, from beginners to experts. Our new students take an oral and written level test to determine which of our levels is most suitable.

Students take CES exams twice per year, before we hold parent/teacher meetings.

We prepare all of our students, children and adults, for the official Cambridge Exams. Cambridge exams are taken by more than 175 million people in 135 countries and are recognized in higher education and professional industries throughout the world.

We have a broad range of courses, from the most basic to the most advanced.



Our courses are dynamic and interactive and are delivered totally through English. It’s fundamental that a child’s first contact with English is positive. Our younger students begin coming to CES twice per week, once they have started 3rd of Infantil.

Lunchtime Classes

At lunchtime we offer to collect and drop off our primary school classes to the schools close to CES. We have a broad spectrum of quality courses and provide individual attention to all of our students. Our courses are dynamic and interactive and are delivered totally through English.


All of our kids and teens classes are grouped based on age. We believe that this is important, since different age groups have distinct needs and interests.

English for adults

There are several reasons to learn English as an adult. These range from professional requirements to those of the EU, which demands that students obtain a minimum of PET (B1) or FCE (B2) English in order to obtain titles, apply for scholarships, do exchanges etc.

Cambridge Exams

Our youngest students take Young Learners exams at the end of the school year. Level 2 students take the KET exam and Level 4 students take the PET exam, both at the end of the year. For higher levels, FCE (B2), CAE (C1) and CPE (C2), we give the students the option to present themselves in June or December, paying special attention to exam practice and techniques in the trimester before the exam.

During the month of July we offer intensive courses in English for both children and adults. Courses for levels PET (B1), FCE (B2) and CAE (C1) are designed primarily for students who are taking Cambridge exams in July.

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